I received my Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Sport and Health Psychology from The Adler School of Professional Psychology (now Adler University) and have been practicing in various settings, including community mental health, wellness, and educational settings, since 2012.

In therapy, I use a culturally-competent, person-centered approach that promotes awareness, growth, and acceptance while working to achieve tangible goals. I believe in a genuine, empathic environment in which you can explore and work towards your potential. I use psychodynamic, behavioral, and mindfulness-based techniques to help identify and work through underlying areas of concern while simultaneously helping you discover and use coping strategies that will help you feel better and function more optimally in your relationships and everyday life. I enjoy working with individuals throughout the lifespan who are coping with phase of life transitions, job and relationship stress, identity development, and mood concerns.

I have specialized training in trauma-informed care and in treatment for Autism Spectrum and associated diagnoses. In addition, I have worked extensively with adolescent and adult clients with weight loss and fitness goals, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. As a trainer, I have taught topics such as Cultural Competency, Verbal De-escalation, and Ethics.

I understand that talk therapy may not have all the answers, so we will work collaboratively to identify necessary resources, supports, and referrals that are helpful. I hope to inspire self-confidence through realistic optimism and allow you a space where you can take the driver’s seat in your journey.

I look forward to meeting you, please feel free to email me at avarma@mqatherapy.com or call at (708) 317-8182.

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring new recipes in the kitchen (the spicier the better!), new restaurants, and new cities. I love seeing live music, being in nature, going on road trips, and hanging with my dog, Ollie. I drive quite a bit, so I love a good podcast or audiobook that keeps me intrigued and entertained. I like playing soccer and watching sports. I’m a big fan of great TV shows (such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones), but you’ll most likely find me rewatching The Office or Parks and Recreation for the hundredth time. I’m originally from Cincinnati and travel back to see family and friends from time to time.