In addition to our in-person therapy services, we are pleased to offer easy, online talk therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Please call 708-586-7357 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Therapy


Will it be complicated to get set up for online therapy? What about privacy concerns?
As a practice, we use for online therapy sessions. It is free, and as simple as clicking a link (which your provider will send you prior to your first session). is fully HIPAA compliant, meaning that your conversation with your therapist is 100% private and secure. No record of the conversation will be maintained by In terms of privacy at home, this of course gets more involved. Many of our clients simply choose to say that they are Skyping with a friend, or on a work call.

Meetings can be started by using your clinician’s personal link. It is the same for each visit, please don’t join the meeting until right before your start time. No passwords are needed.

Name Doxy Link

Dr. Mirjam Quinn, PhD

Dr. Lauren Oganovich, PsyD

Dr. Mikiela Cobb, PsyD

Dr. Meaghan Cusack, PsyD

Maura Maloney Morales, LCPC

Morgan P. Black, MA, LPC, CYT

Jennifer Stec, MA, LPC

Dessie Stathopoulos, MA, LPC

Gina Winiecki, MSW, LCSW

Meghan Curtin, BA

Angela Iosue, MA, LPC

Molly Fitch, LCSW

Daniel Jerez, LCSW

Tasia Buford Howell

Christy Scolaro

Andrea Jacobson