Fernando Mirjam Quinn and AssociatesI am a third year doctoral student working on my degree in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Soy Mexicano y hablo español! 

I am passionate about the interplay between relationships, emotional, and physical health, and how these impact our overall quality of life. I am interested in working with people of all ages struggling with depression, anxiety, and difficulties in relationships. In a former life, I was a pre-med student at UC San Diego, where I researched topics including neural pathways related to addictions, mechanisms of medication-induced high blood pressure, and the long-term effects of exposure to interpersonal and financial adversity during childhood years. 

At Mirjam Quinn and Associates, I aim to create a space free of judgment, where people can feel safe to grow their strengths and explore and attain their personal, interpersonal, and emotional goals on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves.