Earning my Masters of Social Work from UIC’s Jane Adams College of Social Work in 2005, I have spent over 15 years working with students and families across a large, diverse population. My work has included group, individual and family therapy with a specialized focus on trauma, anxiety, depression, and risky behaviors in adolescents.  

As a therapist, I strive to meet individuals where they are in the moment and support them as they work to recognize their strengths and overcome their challenges. It is incredibly important for me to form strong, trusting relationships with each individual I work with in order to facilitate meaningful insight and lasting, positive change. It is my belief that individual growth comes from an understanding of the world in which one exists and the world in which they desire: this includes one’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, experiences, desires and values. This self-awareness creates the ability to foster change. 

I draw from a strengths-based and CBT approach, believing that all individuals have the ability to grow, succeed and recover. I strive to motivate, empower and listen while offering a safe, empathic space that fosters self-awareness. I love working along clients as they discover their own ability to achieve those things that once felt impossible. 

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, swimming and exploring anywhere outdoors with my husband and kids. If I can’t be outside, I spend my time getting together with friends, traveling with my family, reading a good book and watching reality TV.