I earned my degree in social work from the University of Chicago, where the focus of my education was on learning how to collaborate with my clients in making positive changes in their lives, based on innovative research regarding human connection, mindfulness and value-orientated living. In the therapy room, we will work to unpack the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are causing challenges in your life and identify new techniques that will help move you towards more authentic and joyful living. I became a therapist to help individuals live their most fulfilling life possible. I understand and appreciate how intimidating it can feel to show up to your first therapy appointment, and meet those feelings with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. I listen intently and tailor my approach to meet your unique needs, while helping you develop useful skills that translate back to your day to day life.

My areas of expertise include counseling young adults and adults recovering from trauma, as well as those experiencing anxiety, communication difficulties, and life transitions.

Additionally, I am honored to offer a safe and supportive space for people in the LGBTQ+ community seeking therapeutic support. When I am not working, I enjoy snacking on appetizers (truffle infused cheese in my new favorite!), going on walks along the Lake Shore path, and traveling to Wisconsin to spend time with my family.