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Come join the MQA family!

We are looking for two child/adolescent, one adult, and one family therapist to join our team, and would love to chat with you to see whether you might be the person we’ve been looking for! One of our core practice values is that we honor our own and each others’ humanity and for this reason, we are intentional about taking respectful care of everyone who works here.

We take care of our clinicians by:

    1. cultivating a good work/life balance (at MQA, 20 client hours per week is considered full time, and every full time employee has 5 weeks of PTO each year. Additionally, we offer paid parental leave for up to three months for full time clinicians who have been with us for 2 years or longer. We have an outstanding admin team that ensures that our clinicians’ time is spent doing therapy and testing, not scheduling intakes or billing. We also offer employer-sponsored child care, both ongoing and for those days when your kids wake up with the sniffles, so that you can feel focused and calm at work knowing your kids are loved and cared for.)

    2. taking seriously our responsibility for ensuring that our clinicians’ finances feel stable and sustainable (we offer competitive pay with added opportunities for bonuses, as well as a 401(k) with employer match) and that they are well supported in their physical health (we offer full vision, dental, and health insurance – an excellent BCBS PPO plan – that starts when you do.)

    3. committing to equitable and transparent business practices (our pay structure is right in our handbook, so there are no secrets regarding who makes what, or what you need to do in order to earn a raise. Clinicians have full access to their billing at all points in time, so they will always know how much revenue they have generated at any given time. We have a yearly state of the business meeting during which we discuss – in possibly excruciating – detail, how the business spends its money.)

    4. investing in our clinicians’ professional growth (every full time pre licensed clinician is matched with a fully licensed supervisor for weekly individual supervision sessions. Part time pre licensed employees meet with a fully licensed supervisor for weekly group supervision. Additionally, we offer weekly consultation groups, ongoing training in cultural complexity, a generous continuing education stipend, and the opportunity to complete certification programs in DBT, PCIT, SPACE, the Gottman Method, and EFT.)

    5. promoting a work environment that feels supportive and caring. We like to have fun together hanging out in the break room, sharing meals at potlucks, and celebrating milestones like weddings, first homes, and babies. Mirjam has “office hours” each week, which are designated times that she has blocked out for clinicians to pop in for on-the-fly case consults, new business ideas, or just to chat about life in general. Our onboarding process is thoughtfully structured so that, as you are acclimating to a new work environment, you feel many hands on your back as Lauren, Lidia, Melissa, Mirjam, and your supervisors walk you through the nuts and bolts of practicing here.

If you are reading this and feel like your values align with ours, please be in touch – we would love to hear from you!

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