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Professional Practice Consultations for Group Practice Owners

Many clinicians graduate from their program as experts in psychotherapy and assessment, but with little practical knowledge about how to parlay their talents into a thriving private practice that will bring connection and healing to their communities. Dr. Quinn is delighted to offer consultations about how to start, grow, and/or manage a sustainable, balanced, and ethical group or solo private practice to clinicians across the span of their career. Consultations can range from two-hour “one and done” question and answer sessions, to continued assistance along every step of your professional journey. Please contact her at mquinn@mqatherapy.com with any questions you may have!
“Dr. Quinn is a warm and experienced group practice owner who has successfully built out a thriving group with a collaborative, employee-centric culture. Her input and insights were so helpful in exploring alternative ways to structure that might better support our team and my overall goals as a group owner– and still prioritize employee satisfaction and input. I’d highly recommend her as a supportive coach for other group practice owners in search of new ways to help their practices grow and thrive.”

Nina Kaiser, practice founder; Practice San Francisco
“Dr. Quinn is an exceptional psychologist that has grown a successful and diverse practice. Her wisdom and knowledge assisted me in becoming more confident, organized, and motivated to work toward my psychology practice goals. She was better able to structure my thoughts and formulate a realistic plan while providing me with helpful ideas to build the practice and meet the demand of the population we serve. I would highly recommend Dr. Quinn’s expertise in expanding a group practice and maximizing your abilities!”

Rachelle Edwards
“Having kicked around the idea of striking out on my own for many years now, it was so very helpful and enlightening to consult with someone who is knowledgeable and successful in running a thriving practice and business of their own. During my consult I felt supported and encouraged to create a brand that reflects the multiple aspects of who I am as a professional, a mother, a woman, and a caregiver. Unlike other consults where I’ve often felt lost and much like a clone of that particular coach, I walked away from my consult with Dr. Quinn with realistic starting goals, direction, and renewed enthusiasm to finally begin the task of building my own brand and business.

Thank you Dr. Quinn….hope to make you proud!”

Kimberly Usher, Ph.D.
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